Fashion Aluminum frame, Wall and ceiling mounting, stand-alone Multilanguage Full matrix.


Technical specifications:
1. Possibility of installing two sides LED digital signages to look as one signage.
2. Possibility of installing two modules at the same directions to look as one screen consists of two lines (vertical cascade-able).
3. Full matrix "Red, Green, White" are available, 16 characters * 128dots 4.8mm = 2048Dots =2048Dots, Up-Dawn Scrolling, Lift-Right Sliding, Flashing, animated arrows to guiding customer.
4. Possibility to display 15 images can be created by the user.
5.LED digital signage (LED display) can take off and work on a certain LED display it works as stand-alone.
6. It's Can be programmed to operate the status screen flashes when the system calling a queue and can be programmed at the time of the default setup.
7. It's Can be programmed of programming languages according to user preferred language (the user can create and add the Characters).
8. The LED display shows the characters clearly due to the character consist of 128 Dots, which allows them to get the character clear.
9. It's can show images and logos that can be created by the user.
10. Displaying eight characters so they can show the service number, type, and other characters.
11. Equipped with Watchdog time.
12. Available with options: Pre-programmed ID number, the ID number is subject to change by the installer.
13. It's can show your ID when you request this automatically.
14.Available with 5VDC-3A Power supply PQ-5-3A "is not recommended to increase the cable length between the PQ-5-3A output and the screen for the limit must also pay attention to the copper diameter for this cable," This requires a model equipped power cable AC220 volts for LED main display, but this requires a special path for the cable away from the data cable also requires enough space for the installation of PQ-5-3A.


DIRECTION DISPLAY LED direction digital signage Central Status Display units (SDUs) queue management system hardware
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