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Multimedia positions of Queuing Management System

The effect of the announcement system by the queue management systems:

Sound is an important factor in success of queuing management system, the incomprehensible audio announcement cause undesirable chaos.
Like if the audio announcement made for a queuing which the client cannot hear clearly that will cause a late responding "slows work",".
Or if the client has been aware lately after the employee has begun to progress next numbers which cause a chaos.
Also the uncomfortable sound cause a psychological issues effect their performs as stress coming from the continuing and stable noise which effects the clients also and make them in a nervosa mood, so when we will design  the location we should focused on the following main points:

1-    Focus the audio announcement in the waiting area and keep it away from the employees
2-   Design the system  by make the leastcontrast between all the call areas can averaged by using the direct sound instead of the reflection sound.
3-   Adjust the sound as not low to be require focus hearing which tires the listener, also considering that the sound shouldn't be loud so it will make a nervous stress on both the client and employee, could chose the series Full edition with QMN-12 main unit and QSS V5.1 for server software Which is produced by Q-Linker Smart Solutions, which provides stable and clear sound, as it contains (in addition to the IAS system that provides deep control of sound quality and echo reduction) a QMN-12 control the audio announcement level automatically raises when the noise increases, which requires raising the audio announcement level and also reduces audio announcement level when the noise level is low.

4-    Preferred play the background soft music and stops while audio announcement and bring it back gradually when the audio announcement is finishing.

Choosing the waiting area place:

A.    Preferred to choice the waiting area as to be a little far from the employees offices and considering to be no barriers that retard reaching the employee office by the client.
B.    Preferred to distribution the waiting chairs around a table contain some of entertainments "Magazines.  etc."
C.    Coverage the waiting area with direct and clear sound as the Audio announcement could avoid all the noise sources.
D.    The waiting area should be exposed to advertising screen and preferred to be exposed on direction display.
E.    Considering that most of the waiting area seats able to see the windows displays.

Choosing the speakers positions:

While studying the location it should considering the balance between the beauty side and the balanced spread of the sound.
So it should be choice between using the wall or ceiling speakers " we recommend to use the roof speakers because it is easy to counting their coverage also it is best performance".
Preferred the sound contrast in waiting area in ±3db range.
Preferred the sound system to covered the both entry and exit areas.

Choosing location for direction display:

-    The direction display leads the client into the employee location to reviewed by showing moving arrows pointing into the employee location, and of course the direction of the arrow changed by the location of the screen, the arrow should pointing to the employee location wherever the screen is.
-    Should choose one direction screen at least to be on the beginning of client way into the employee’s offices.
-    Preferred that the direction screen is visible to the waiting area or for the standing person, so it can be followed easily, it shouldn't be too high so it will be difficult to follow, or too low so it will be covered.

Choosing the location of windows displays:

•    The windows display should be in non-confusing site, preferred to be at the middle of the employee office entry so it will not be confusing if putted beside another office.
•    Should put the office number of each specific office on the special area on the window display on a clear and visible way to see on a fair distance, or choosing of the G5 screens.
•    Should be in a visible area for the standing person so he can figure the teller number and the calling number which will be shown on the screen easily, it cannot be too high or too low.

Choose the ticket dispenser location:

It could be install more than one ticket dispenser in most sires so it shows specific services not showing at another ticket dispenser, and all the services it can be showed at all tickets dispensers.
Any way when choosing the locations of tickets dispenser must considering the following:
Could see the ticket dispenser easily.
Put a phrase pointing to the necessary of getting a ticket before the entry and wait on a visible area.
The ticket dispenser should be at open area so the supervisor can be aware to not manipulate by anyone.
It should be settled in a clean and stable area so it cannot be able to shake or fall.
It should not be at a crowded area or beside a sliding door which could hit it if the door opened in violence way.


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