Queue management software package V6 is the most intelligent, as it was developed using AI, which added AI software that produced unprecedented features in queuing management systems, it's the high-end we are proud to produce..

Queue management software package V6 is designed for places that follow stringent standards such as:

Government institutions, Telecommunications companies, Banks, Hospitals, and other important institutions.

If you feel responsible to your customers and want to advance your business and give it high standards and quality, then you are in the right place.

QMS package V6 uses BLOCKCHAIN technology, which allows for decentralized storage of data and encrypt of the employee's data to prevent tampering.

INTEGRATED CRISIS EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (ICEWS) Built in, which avoids the institutions that use it from recurring crises, overcrowding, and problems.

The ticket dispenser has also been supported with the multi-service ticket feature, which will save time, money, and effort, and will give customers more luxury.

New technology for calculating the time required to implement the service in a smarter manner, as new factors have been added to the calculation formulas, like those related to the center status, the rate of workflow, and the status of each employee, such as the time spent at work without a break and the rate of tickets done..., it will detect and delete anomalous values, which made it smarter and more accurate in calculating the time of execution of services, which gives the customers good impression when they get the service according to the expected time.

Technical specifications of the queue management system, V6.xx FULL EDITION:

• Two modes: (web application or desktop) the Smarter QMS can be used with an advanced system for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEASUREMENT with web application technology.

• Advanced advertising management that allows connecting several Ad screens, each showing a different content while showing the same queue management system status and announcements.

• Queue management software package V6 uses BLOCKCHAIN technology, which allows data to be stored in a decentralized manner, which allows for high protection and avoids tampering, and encrypts the employee's data to prevent tampering, this is very important because it affects the decisions that reward or punishes the employees.

Integrated crisis early warning system ICEWS, an smart software to predict crises, helps avoid recurring overcrowding and problems.

• Multi-services ticket allows for saving time, money, and effort and gives customers more luxury.

• Adding three new features to the ticket dispenser:

- DATA CENTER allows showing information about each service and general information about the center.

- Ticket dispenser screen shows Ad content when is not used for a period of time specified by the system administrator.

- The ticket dispenser software embedded a main point for MEASURE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

These features are FREE OF CHARGE.

• Online booking of the queue through a mobile application by selecting the required establishment and branch, choosing the date, branch, and type of service.

• The new QMIX LED signage software allows the system administrator to show the employee number on a Dot Matrix LED screen, with more than one option and position, "which saves the install of signage plat number above the LED signage," which reduces costs and makes installation easier.

• Allows the system administrator to modify and upload new characters, dot matrix photos, and logos that did not exist, in addition to easily changing the ID.

• The connection between the server to QMIX LED signages via WiFi, reduces wires fee and installation costs, in addition to the availability of the wired system.

• Multilingual: the customer can choose the preferred language before selecting the service, which will affect the following procedures so that they proceed according to the language chosen:
Ticket Language, Audio Announcement Language, Employee Display, Announcement Screen, and Select Employees who speak the chosen language "if available".

• Re-announcement of a ticket that has been called but the customer did not respond.

• Alert the administrator when the role of the paper is about to run out.

• Smart paper roll store that calculates the rate of paper use, the time required to buy back, and the number of rolls available in the thermal paper store, as it alerts the administrator to order at the appropriate date to avoid a crisis of unavailability of thermal paper rolls for the printer in the institution.

• Advanced CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEASUREMENT (CSAT) embedded, for each employee.

•  Interactive announcement system (IAS) technology to increase achievement and speed up the workflow during the crowds. Please press here.

• Login file and settings changes, with the undoing of the latest settings, which will determine what happened, and allow the erroneous settings to be updated easily.

• Average operating life in case of a genuine Win10 system: Mean Time to Failure (MTTF = 18000 hours for the first time), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) = 95 minutes, Mean Time Between Failures MTBF = 10200 hours (These numbers are average and guaranteed provided no malware leaks).

                                                                                                          And more advanced features...

FULL EDITION V6.XX Queue management software consists of 14 software consisting of three groups:

First - Test and Design Group:
• Simulation software: Q-Linker software helps configure and build the queue management system hall by selecting the best configuration.

• Test tools Software: Allows testing and checking units of the system.

• A Software of LED signage tool to manage and design characters and images for Dot matrix signage.

Second- Group of operation and use the system, which is an integrated group of software,  and should be used together:

• Ticket dispenser software.

•  Server Software.

• Employee software for the computer, and it can be replaced with the terminal software, "it can be dispensed with if it is used using the Web Application technology."

• Manager software: The server program is managed through it and is provided embedded.

Third - Optional software that offers additional advanced features:

• Single screen advertising software: It allows drive one advertising screen, and advertising content appears on it in addition to the ticket numbers that will be called soon, the tickets that are being served, and the ticket that is announcing, in addition to a sliding advertisement tape.

Multiple advertising software: It allows driving several advertising screens, and different advertising content appears on each, in addition to the queue status that appears identical on all screens, such as the ticket numbers that will be announced soon, the tickets that are being served, and the current ticket that is announcing, in addition to a sliding advertisement tape.

• Supervisor software: allows the administrator to control and monitor the system, contact employees, and receive alert messages.

• CMS Supervisor: Allows remote control and monitoring of several systems, connect employees, and receives alert messages.

Data Analysis Software: Review and analysis of data and create reports & charts according to the institution's needs.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEASUREMENT (CSAT) software: for each employee: In addition to evaluation, it gives the flexibility to ask different types of questions and questionnaires.

• The online booking application makes the life of your customers easier, reduce crowding and making waiting time less.

• Smart social distancing software developed to achieve social distance: designed to organize the waiting area according to a special arrangement that follows the rules of social distancing.

Anti-Halt software helps the system to continue running events of low resources due to a server failure.
                                                                                                              And more....

What to consider when choosing a queue management system?

1- The ability to continue working when huge customers flow in.
Saving the latest data when a system is halted or forced to shut down.
3- The audio announcement and LED signage are easy to understand and read by customers.
4- Availability of queuing system data analysis software.
5- Availability of a simulation program.
6- Availability of supervisor software.
7- Availability of several languages for the audio announcement, ticket, and LED signage.

8- The moderate cost of system investment.

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