Measure Customer Satisfaction: Why, When and How?

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Measure Customer Satisfaction: Why, When and How?

Some stores ignore the satisfaction of their customers because the customer rarely needs their goods and that will stop buying again for a long time once they buy it for the first time, but the reality negates this talk as converting a customer into a client is the company’s true wealth, the customer satisfaction and client loyalty are the most essential indicators the company's success and strength.

What is the difference between a potential customer, Client, and Customer?

*- The potential customer is the person who heard about the company and was attracted and entered to the marketing funnel, so he contacted or visited the company.
*- Client: He is the potential customer who completed the “buy, rent…” dealing for the first time.
*- Customer: the client who has previously completed more than one dealing with the same company.

What turns a potential customer into a customer?

There are many factors that control this, the most important of which are:
*- The potential customer feels reassured about the company and the person of the salesman.
*- Gave the potential customer the feeling of the possibility of escaping from the deal at any time.
*- Notifying the potential customer of his need for this product and the importance of this product to him.
*- Notice to the potential customer that the company cares about his interest and not just completing the deal.

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What turns a client into a customer?

Client satisfaction with the first deal, after-sale service, good dealing, and friendly relationship is the best and most important means to convert a client into a customer.

What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the highest and best level of relationship with the company, in which the customer feels a sense of belonging to the company and narrates his positive experiences with it, turning it into an advertising tool that enjoys high credibility with the public. "This stage is one of the best types of advertising because it is based on real experiences that are supposed to be neutral." Despite the importance of customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty is the best.

What is the definition of customer satisfaction?

Somebody believes that offering the cheapest prices or the best services is the ideal way to win customer satisfaction, and this is a major fallacy, as customers' desires and methods of gaining their satisfaction vary.

Is it enough to obtain customer satisfaction or loyalty?

Unfortunately, customer satisfaction or loyalty cannot be considered constant, as the customer often switches to another party that offers better features, so it is necessary to know the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and continue to measure their satisfaction and evaluate their observations and take them into consideration.

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What are the benefits of measuring customer satisfaction?

It is not possible to make the right decisions and correct the course of the company without information and questionnaires about customers' feelings. In this context, Dr. James Harrington:

If you are not able to evaluate something, you will not be able to comprehend it, and if you cannot assimilate it, you will not be able to control it, and if you cannot control it, you will not be able to improve and develop it. Therefore, evaluation is the first step to review, control, and growth.

Therefore, measuring customer satisfaction leads to improving the company's performance and obtaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, which leads to retaining them and reducing their conversion rate to other competing companies.

We must repeat that customer satisfaction and loyalty are the best advertisements because people trust the opinions of those who have experienced them.


How do we get a customer satisfaction survey in easy and inexpensive ways?

Paper surveys and questionnaires have always been an obstacle because of their need for humans, and their long time consumption for the client and the survey team, in addition to their high cost and the difficulty in concluding them.

With the computer measuring customer satisfaction software and and measurement customer satisfaction devices have become easier, more accurate, and less expensive.

A new generation of measuring customer satisfaction software includes closed-ended survey questions and open-ended questionnaire questions that require, in addition to determining the degree of customer satisfaction, his answer to some questions, with the possibility of proposing some answers provided by the company. Or write a personal opinion of the customer.

During measuring customer satisfaction, using the analysis software can review the data and issue reports and charts according to the company's needs.

Supervisor software and management software also enable monitoring, management, and control of the system.


High scores in customer satisfaction (CSAT) are considered an important indicator of the success of the company, as if the customer is satisfied and enters the stage of loyalty, he will turn into an Ad tool for the company and will have high credibility because he went through the experience and because he is impartial.

The processes of customer satisfaction measuring scores must be carried out using advanced means on a permanent basis, reports must be extracted and dealt with, and appropriate decisions must be taken to develop the business, which will be reflected in the company's popularity and profits in a fast and guaranteed manner.

Recommendation 1:

We are often asked if we feel that the deal will not satisfy the customer, do we complete the process or notify the customer and lose the deal?

This answer may seem ideal, but it's in the interest of the company, as the customer who will be involved in a failed deal will turn into an enemy of the company.

but if he is notified of the problem, he will feel grateful and reassured for this company, which will make him put this company on his first options in any next order, and when he tells what happened to him he will be free advertising for the company, the company will compensate many times its profits from the missed deal.

Recommendation 2:

The sales service department and the after-sales service department should be directed to continue friendly communication with customers and enhance customer interaction with the company's brand by offering some promotional gifts on occasion.


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